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Suicide Squad (2016)

This is an epic mess of a movie.

Basically, a bunch of criminals are being taken out of prison to do the bidding of Amanda Waller who is… um… I’m not sure. Some lady with the power to make a task force, I guess? Drama is manufactured by withholding information from us and the Squad about who, exactly, they’re rescuing in their initial mission (spoiler: it’s Waller), but that’s just silly. Why not just tell us/them who they’re going for? They’re gonna do it regardless -- they don’t have a CHOICE.

I have lots of questions about the story (e.g. why let the squad dress themselves for combat instead of giving them -- you know -- protective gear) but I don’t really care about the answers. There were just too many characters I didn’t know and a convoluted plot that’s never really explained. It's almost shocking how incompetent this movie is. And Leto’s Joker is just the cherry made of shit on top of it all. Gah.