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Time spent watching films, even crappy ones, is time well-spent.

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    These aren't comments on ALL of the movies through which I've cried, yawned, laughed, and rolled my eyes, but just about everything I've seen since early 2002 is here plus a few from earlier. Post dates reflect my screening & parenthetical dates are the year of US release (aka Oscar eligibility).
    Yeah, a movie review blog isn't very original. But originality is overrated. Just ask Michael Bay.


Reviewed Films Ls-M

May It Last: A Portrait of the Avett Brothers
Mean Creek
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
Me and You and Everyone We Know
Mean Girls
Mean Machine
Meek's Cutoff
Meet the Fockers
Melinda and Melinda
Memory of a Killer, The
Men in Black II
Men in Black 3
Merrily We Live
M. Hulot's Holiday
Mildred Pierce
Muppet Christmas Carol, The
Murder at the Gallop