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The Getaway (1972)

“Doc” (McQueen) doesn’t make parole, so he asks his wife (the blank Ali McGraw) to pass on the message to the big cheese on the outside that he’s for sale. Next thing you know, he’s out and has a job to do: rob a bank with the gang the big cheese has chosen for him. Things go sideways, of course, so Doc and his wife spend the rest of the film trying to get to Mexico… by following the path everyone expects them to take. If there was a reason for that, it went over my head.

The whole endeavor both confused and annoyed us in equal measure. Nothing made much sense and everything had a film of “yeccch” on it. There was a whole b-plot about one of the gang members chasing after Doc with a couple (and their tiny kitten) in tow -- against the husband's will but very much in tune with the woman’s will. That trio has an in-car BBQ rib fight at one point because why not? Absurd in almost every way.