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Glory Road (2006)

Despite being "based on a true story," this movie feels like a rip-off of Hoosiers or Remember the Titans or even Coach Carter.
Coach Haskins (Josh Lucas) gets offered no money and no respect to leave his job coaching high school girls to come on as head basketball coach at Texas Western. His two young boys and "whatever makes you happy, I'm just here to look pretty and worry about you" wife move into the men's dorm with him and he starts to turn things around by, you know, being stern and demanding and fatherly, whatever each individual case warrants. He inherently understands exactly what each boy needs in order to succeed -- who knows what would happen to them if it weren't for good ol' Haskins and his tough, but fair, training. Along the way to victory, they all face opposition and prejudice because there are black boys playing in a white boys' league.

In other words: if you've ever seen a sports drama, this is cliché city. If you haven't, you might be able to enjoy this -- but I heartily suggest you rent Hoosiers instead.


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