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It (2017)

My first moviepass movie! So exciting.

It got so much right about what it was like to be a kid in general (running from the dark, averting your eyes so as not to see the scary thing you're just sure is there) and an ‘80s kid in particular (leering men weren’t discouraged, the utter freedom of the days is almost terrifying in retrospect). This is well-done horror that is almost fit for 12 year olds to see. Yeah, there’s a lot of cussing, but if they're living in the world they’re hearing that from their friends -- if not their parents -- already.

The most terrifying elements are the real-world horrors: bullies threatening physical violence, emotional humiliations from bored/cruel peers, and the manipulations of parents. The clown is scary, sure, but it’s such fantasy that it’s unlikely to follow anyone out of the theater.