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Jackson (2016)

A sobering documentary concerning the rights of women in Mississippi as a whole and in Jackson in particular. They’ve got one clinic performing abortions left in the state and it’s constantly subjected to picketing and hostile legislation. We get to hear from both sides of the issue: doctors and staff at the clinic and those who run the Crisis Pregnancy Center in town. The CPC positions itself in lower income neighborhoods and does what it can to dissuade women from getting abortions and from using birth control.

We also watch as April Jackson, a 24-year old with 4 children and pregnant with her fifth, chooses to follow the CPC’s recommendations. By the end of the film she has five kids, two jobs, no man in her life, and twins on the way. I'm truly not sure whether she actually chose to keep her fifth child or if she was just suckered in by the "kindness" shown her while at the center. To be fair, the CPC did follow up with her by bringing a travel crib and food... but would she even need those things if she had access to reliable and free birth control?