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Gym Teacher: The Movie (2008)

Enjoyable kids' movie focusing on a way-too-into-his-job former Olympian entering, at the behest of his enthusiastic -- though strangely underpopulated -- class, a "Gym Teacher of the Year" contest. The problem (and of course there'd be one) is that there's a helmet-wearing "spaz" new to the gym period who threatens to single-handedly lose the whole thing for Coach Stewie. Add in a romance between Coach & the boy's over-protective mother and you have a harmless and charming little trifle.

Everyone's hamming it up and having a great time in this thing -- made me think that all involved would likely be up for a sequel. Super predictable, but I know that, 6 or 8 years ago, my boys and I would've had a blast with this.